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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Information

Is Canine Miracles for Heroes a 501c3 nonprofit?



Where is Canine Miracles for Heroes located.  

        Canine Miracles for Heroes is located in Greenfield, Iowa.


Who is eligible to apply for a service dog through Canine Miracles for Heroes?

        U.S. Military Veterans and Rescue personnel (ex. -  firefighter, police officer, EMT, 911 operator, first responder, etc.)


Do you provide service dogs to those with PTSD?

        Yes,  Canine Miracles for Heroes provides service dogs to Veterans and Rescue Personnel with PTSD or other trauma 


How can a service dog help me?

        If you have been diagnosed with PTSD and you are a Veteran or Rescue personnel,  a service dog can help in many different ways.  Listed below are a few ways but not limited to: 

        *Blocking or creating personal space in a crowd

        *Deep pressure

        *grounding by nudging, pawing, leaning, etc

        *waking handler from night terrors or nightmares

        *Anxiety work such as leading you to an exit/outside in cases of anxiety or panic attacks


Can you train my pet to be a service dog?

          We will not take your pet in and train it for you.  HOWEVER, If you are a Veteran or Rescue Personnel diagnosed with PTSD or other trauma, and already have a dog that you have bonded with we will help you train your own dog.  A screening test will be done on your dog to see if your dog would be a good candidate for a service dog.  Canine Miracles for Heroes reserves the right to deny service to any dog we feel is not suited for the job.  There are certain breeds and behaviors to look out for when choosing a dog for service work.  We will help you screen a dog, if you are in the process of finding your service dog.  You will be responsible for the Public Access test with your dog, to make sure that your dog is eligible to go into public places.  


Will you certify my dog as a service dog?

        Not at this time. 


What happens after a dog is trained?

        The graduated service dog and Hero Handler will have several home visits after graduation to ensure that you and your service dog are thriving.  Thereafter, follow up training and continued training for the work life of the dog is necessary. 


How long is the waiting period for a Service Dog?

        It takes 2 years to train a service dog. Our program is relationship based, so once you get the approval letter and call that we have a dog for you, we will have you come weekly to train and bond with your service dog in our program.


How long is my application valid?

        If we contact you that you will be placed on our waiting list, no further action is necessary.   If you have not been put on a waiting your application will be valid for 2 years.


How does the application process work?

        The preliminary applications can be submitted all year long and are found on the website or can be requested by email.  The Canine Miracles for Heroes board will screen the applicants, they will make the final decision (this could take approximately 6 to 8 weeks).  Those chosen will be sent a full application to then fill out and return all parts necessary.  When all parts have been received and a final approval is given, you will receive a written approval letter from us.  Once the final approval has been made, you will be matched with a dog.


Do you have an age requirement?

        As we only service those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we have an age requirement of 20.


What areas do you service?

        Currently we service Iowa and the surrounding states.  If  we require you to travel, travel expenses will be at your own cost.


How much of my donation goes towards support of the program?

          100% of your donation goes to helping our heroes.


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